Who Should Attend Assisted Living Tours?

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Who Should Attend Assisted Living Tours?



When it comes to selecting a great senior living facility for a loved one when it’s time for this kind of a life transition, there are several big questions that immediately come to mind. One of the most common: Should I bring my senior loved one with me as I look for assisted living situations?

At Legacy Village in Provo, we’re happy to help with these sorts of decisions if you’re considering a tour of our facilities. Here are some important factors you should consider as you’re making these calls.

Mobility or Memory Issues

In some cases, seniors will be dealing with mobility or memory problems. In these cases, it’s often best to limit the number of tours you take with your loved one – focus in on just a few of the very best options. This will keep your loved one involved and motivated, but won’t risk taxing their memory or their ability to move around during these tours. Deciding exactly what your loved one can or can’t handle will be up to you as the caregiver.

Communities You’ve Seen First

In a lot of situations, many seniors are reluctant to move into an assisted living facility. Many feel that this robs them of their remaining independence in life, or worry that they’ll never see family or friends anymore once they make the change.

If your loved one is experiencing these kinds of concerns, try to avoid taking them on tours of facilities unless you’ve already seen and approved the facility first. Communities that are a bad fit may further push an already-reluctant senior even further in that direction, and can make the entire process tougher.

Anxiety Considerations

Some seniors will experience anxiety beyond the basic move, including areas like losing treasured possessions or major life transitions. This is a particular risk for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. In these cases, there’s no reason to add to this anxiety, and it might be best if you simply visit communities on your own.

For more on whether caregivers should be accompanied by seniors while taking assisted living community tours, or to learn about our memory care services or any of our senior living programs, speak to the caring staff at Legacy Village in Provo today.