How Art Therapy Helps With Memory Care

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June 17, 2018
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How Art Therapy Helps With Memory Care

At Legacy Village in Provo, one of our primary concerns in our programs is memory care. Many seniors struggle with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory issues, and our Alzheimer’s care and memory care programs are meant to help increase comfort and help ward off some of these issues whenever possible.

One element we infuse in our memory care programs is art, which can be enormously beneficial for many seniors. Here’s how art therapy can specifically boost memory care efforts, and some smart ways to incorporate it into a senior’s daily schedule.

Art Therapy Benefits

Art activities are just one piece of one of the primary efforts of a memory care program: Help patients enjoy meaningful, productive days that contain areas that might boost memory retention. Art allows caregivers and seniors to communicate in nonverbal ways – even those struggling with memory or speech can still express themselves creatively. Art can function as an outlet to express emotions in productive ways, whether these are positive or negative emotions.

Other benefits of art therapy within memory care include:

  • Improving concentration skills: Art therapy helps many people quiet their mind and focus, including seniors. The physical damage that Alzheimer’s causes to the brain can make focusing much more difficult, but creative arts stimulate new areas of the brain. This helps activate cognitive abilities that are still functioning well despite memory loss.
  • Intergenerational activity: Art projects are also a great way for younger and older generations to bond and spend time together. A hands-on project between a grandparent and grandchild is a perfect way to lift both parties’ spirits, and also allows seniors to remain engaged in loved ones’ lives.

Incorporating Art Therapy

There are plenty of ways to incorporate art therapy into a daily schedule for a senior. A few ideas include craft stores, photo albums, scrapbooking, or even specific classes and Alzheimer’s Association day classes that are offered in some areas to help seniors and caregivers enjoy the experience together.

For more on how art therapy can help with memory care, or to find out about any of our assisted living programs, speak to the caregivers at Legacy Village today.